Dikt om moderskap av Latifa

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Dikt om moderskap av Latifa


I try to stay humble and try to remain,

a good loving wife, woman, mother, daughter and friend

 in a world going crazy who’s really insane?

Hold on to true knowledge, transform and give love

is harder to do than it seems at first sight

at least when your past has been hard and a fight,

a fight for your dignity, soul and your life

a challenge, a test and a long road of strife.

Walk a mile in my shoes, it’s my only pair,

easier said than done is to share,

I have no material things, neither money, dear friend

but if you’re truly in need I can feed you the honey

a gift that God send

the sweet golden medicine,

that has started to spread,

it flows like a river from my heart to my head.

No I’m not the source just a tree, from a seed,

that the Almighty Lord has planted in me…


– Dikt författad av Umm Maymouna Latifa 

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