The Ringstone

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The Ringstone

Ode by Said Bak Gunnarsson


Shiny shell and an empty core
His heart is like a hidden sore

His ringstone is carnelian
His self is a chameleon

He always walks on shallow ground
When all alone he makes a sound

Call him happy though he is not
His heart feels like an empty slot

Inner feelings he will not air
No real display of his dispair

Oh how he yearns for true grandeur
Alas! He stays an amateur

Hunting for praise has made him ill
Admitting is a bitter pill

He knows he has to change himself
Instead of sitting on a shelf

The journey back is a long one
And his courage is all but gone

A sleeping Viking wakes within
He finds a boat and jumps right in

The waves are cold and whip his face
The voyage lasts for many days

Dark waters in a Northern fjord
The All-Forgiving is His Lord

Soaring soul and solid mound
Kneeling man on the rocky ground

The inner dragon now is slain
He vows to never stray again

Repentance was his only choice
His ringstone changes to turquoise

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